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In C- Suites across America, a quiet revolution is exposing healthcare’s Big Lie and overthrowing the unsustainable Status Quo in employee benefits and healthcare, providing a real and permanent solution to the healthcare cost problem. But why has the C-Suite not engaged in benefits management? How do flintly executives who negotiate the price of paperclips to one tenth of a cent fail to manage the price of an employees open heart surgery? That is why you need IBT, to get the answer. We work with CEO’s / CFO’s of companies of all sizes to understand their risk tolerance, creating an approach that meets your financial goals, budget and benefit program needs. Not only will we help you achieve the right balance of compensation and benefits, you’ll deliver a health and welfare program that is a good cultural fit and makes sense financially.


Employers with 50-500 Employees

From planning through implementation, we provide a spectrum of services. Our Health & Welfare Consulting services are designed to support your employee wellbeing while aligning to your organization’s goals and wellbeing. We work with you to build a program for your organization to stay competitive to attract and retain the best talent. Our approach includes: Benefit Strategic Planning, Plan Design and Cost Control Strategies. Through this consultative process, we deliver effective and sustainable workforce strategies that will help you optimize one of your P & L largest expenses—healthcare benefits. We make sure your employee benefits strategy aligns with your business goals. Our Health & Welfare consultants help you design a strategic benefit package that is sustainable in both the short and long-term, allowing you to attract, retain and engage employees for your organization’s wellbeing..


Government and Municipal Entities

Public entities facing challenges is our specialty. Stabilizing rates while premiums rise elsewhere across the industry is always been our goal. Reducing costs to decrease the need for cost-shifting – so employees can afford to use their benefits, before their conditions worsen. This enabling public employers to provide superior benefits for their employees, without breaking the bank. Simplifying healthcare so it’s easy for members to access and understand.

We deliver savings and service by driving savings innovation and technology. We provide customized service for members, because we understand their needs better than anyone else could. By coming together to share the risks of catastrophic claims, our members share the rewards of superior health coverage—lower costs, better outcomes, and more personalized service.

Employee Education Strategies

Communicating inaccurate information to employees is always a major concern when using managers and supervisors to relate benefits information. Keep in mind that misinformation not only causes an employee relation problem, but has the possibility of causing litigation as well. Consider these tips to avoid problems:

  • Consider allowing only specific Human Resources personnel to discuss benefits information with employees.
  • Remind those who may be asked questions regarding benefits, such as supervisors and managers, to review their plan documents carefully. They should refer to the HR department any question they are at all unsure how to address.
  • Whether formal or informal, do not make promises regarding any aspect of the benefits plan that the company will not be able to keep.
  • State in the plan documents that plan amendments are to be made only in writing and approved by the corporate representative or plan administrator, if applicable.

Health & Wellness Strategies

Do Corporate Wellness Programs really work?


1. Reduced medical claim costs, such as workers’ compensation claims or unnecessary healthcare services.

2. Increased employee morale, which can be seen through lower turnover rates, and higher employee survey satisfaction scores.

3. Improved overall health and well-being of individuals participating in programs.

4. Increased employee participation in health and happiness initiatives.

5. Reduced absenteeism.

6. Increased productivity on the job


Medical Management and PBM Strategies

There are a few things we know for certain, the very best way to control medical and pharmacy costs is to become a more sophisticated steward of the process and the fees. Our focus is on helping our clients eliminate overpayments on both fronts. Politicians on both sides of the aisle blame a variety of factors for why the U.S. pays so much more for healthcare than the rest of the world, from the high cost of physician care, treatments and medications to expensive medical malpractice insurance coverage for doctors and high patient hospital admission rates. Don’t expect a fix from Washington anytime soon. CEOs and CFO have put their companies in a no-win position. It’s not that many CEOs are disengaged when it comes to healthcare spend, they’re not even in the room during the conversation. They’ve abdicated their fiduciary and management responsibilities because they think they have no control.

About Us

Our concept is an ever-evolving framework for purchasing health benefits, sourced from the collective successes of hundreds of employers around the country. These include large and medium size employers, located in rural and urban locations, servicing both the public and private sectors. Collectively, it’s an emerging model, yet its components are proven approaches being used successfully by employers for years, even decades in some cases. Employers who have adopted our approach typically reduce spending by 20-40% while improving the quality of care for each plan member. It’s the open foundation for reversing the broad economic and societal damage caused by the United States’ health care cost and quality crisis.


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