About Insurance Benefits Team

Our mission is to be The Absolute Best at helping you understand the complicated insurance world. We make your family and employees our family and employees by protecting their hearts and assets every day. #BeTheAbsoluteBest

Insurance Benefits Team, a Mirus3 Company, began as a customer-focused health insurance consulting company in 1996. Long before discussion about the state of U.S. healthcare was at the forefront, Insurance Benefits Team recognized a vital need to address health insurance benefits with corporations and individuals in a manner that tailors policies to each client’s unique situation.

Insurance Benefits Team (IBT) founder Tammera Hollerich formed the company when she saw the need for a full-service insurance consulting firm that could offer health and life benefits and planning for small to mid-size businesses and individuals. She created IBT by combining her 19 years of experience as an expert in small and mid-market group health insurance, the Medicare market, and an uncommon approach that focuses on the unique requirements of her clients.

Since 1996, IBT has claimed its niche in the industry by providing a distinctive approach to policy coverage, education on healthcare, and progressive enrollment and policy management options. IBT’s exclusive connection with Healthy Lifestyle Secrets™ (a Mirus3 sister company) gives IBT clients the ability to help keep their healthcare costs down through programs to help you become the “healthiest you” possible.


Tammera Hollerich, LHIC, CBC
CEO/Executive Advisor
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