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Interested in learning about our portal?
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Are you frustrated with your group plan?

Most employers are. Benefits are important to your organization, but between regulations and rising costs, value is hard to find. Whatever your concern, Insurance Benefits Team offers a suite of products and services to help you and your employees make the best choices when it comes to healthcare. Here’s what we offer:

Introduce HR Software

You want your benefits administration software to stand up to government regulation, integrate with other software services and be supported by your broker. Most vendors can’t do that, but we can.

Convert to Defined Contribution

Our HR software helps employers take back control of their healthcare costs while giving their employees more health plan options to choose from than ever before.

Optimize HSA-Eligible Plans

Can health savings accounts save you money? Many employers aren’t successful with implementing HSA plans, but we have a great track record of HSA success. See how we can save you money with our HSA consulting.

Evaluate Financing Options

For employers with as few as 20 employees, there are many financing options, including fully-insured, Health Reimbursement Arrangements, partially self-funding, level-funding, and self-funding strategies.

Maximize Ancillary Benefits

Meet all your employees’ needs and let them decide between more ancillary benefit options. Using our Portal, employers can manage their budget and cut through the ancillary benefit paperwork.

Limit Plan Liability

Carrying unnecessary liability? Our non-commissioned advisors will give your employees the right COBRA information, giving them confidence that their new plan has them covered.