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Interested in learning about our portal?
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Interested in learning about our portal?
Call 817-367-7774 OR

How can you succeed with HSAs?

Industry averages indicate only 7% to 10% of employees sign up for the HSA option, but then you hear about some employers who have 80% to 100% of employees on the HSA. What prevents so many employers from succeeding with HSAs?

Poor plan structures. Communication issues. Little to no support for employees. These will have huge impacts on whether employees consider and adopt HSAs. We’ve built a track record of helping employers achieve an average, first-year HSA participation rate of 81%. This means significant, bottom-line savings for our clients.

Ensure HSA success with Insurance Benefits Team


The Right Plan Structure

Our proprietary models and algorithms ensure that you will structure your HSA option correctly – striking the right balance between employer and employee savings.


The Right Plan Message

With thousands of employee HSA meetings under our belt, we’ve crafted the best HSA messaging to ensure your people understand how it all works.

Unbeatable Support

We will assign a team “nurse” to help your employees price-shop their prescriptions. Our claims and billing support team know how to help employees with their HSA.

The Best Technology

Our customizable, web-based HSA video ensures consistent HSA messaging to spouses at home. That is just the start of the HSA technology you get with Bernard.