Experience a content-rich and thought-provoking podcast with other healthcare professionals and founders who are experts in their field. Every week, with host Tammera Hollerich, Everything Is Up exploring the current healthcare system, how to optimize it, and challenges that people face within it. On this episode, Tammera interviews Nelson Griswold, the founder and CEO of NextGen, a Tennessee-based healthcare consulting firm and co-founder of a peer-to-peer network of healthcare advisors and consultants, about patient outcomes and the impact of the healthcare industry. Nelson shares his thoughts on the current system, current challenges and practical solutions for employers. In addition, Nelson and Tammera talk about the importance of quality and cost when purchasing health care, how a next-gen approach can improve employee satisfaction, and the need for a fiduciary responsibility to shareholders. Join Tammera and Nelson to gain insightful and valuable information that may prove life changing.

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